Studio Information

We are a family-oriented dance studio providing instruction in the arts of tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, ballet, pointe, and hip hop. We welcome all students, at all levels, ages 2 1/2 through adult. We are non-competitive and strive to teach the love of dance to all in a supportive and fun environment. Our staff specializes in various ages and dance disciplines.

Our focus is to place students in classes of comparable ages and abilities. We want them to feel confident and proud of all they achieve each year. We place the learning needs of the student before other considerations, and we ask our parents to support us in that endeavor.

Our youngest students are exposed to tap, jazz and basic ballet, incorporating music, singing and simple instruments to teach movement, rhythm and music appreciation. Beginning with our kindergarten level, students continue to advance their dance skills by perfecting more challenging turns, leaps, kicks and tap combinations.

Modern dance is a style created from the fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. Lyrical dance is an interpretive style focusing on the expression of inner feelings or emotions as performed to the lyrics of a piece of music. These dance styles are taught in the teacher placement tap and jazz classes.

Beginning at age five and above, ballet is offered as a separate area of study. Students are taught barre work, positions, terminology and progressions along with choreography throughout the year. Pointe class is offered through teacher placement to students ages twelve and older.

Hip hop is offered starting at age five in conjunction with tap and jazz classes. Students continue to work on their jazz technique and incorporate it with various styles of hip hop, tricks and freestyle (improvisation).

We welcome parents, siblings and friends to observe classes at our studio! We do ask that parents remain in the waiting room during class, as interruptions make it more difficult for young dancers to concentrate. In studios with in-room seating, observers must remain quiet during class sessions. Please refrain from any talking or activities that may distract our dancers.


Tuition rates can be found on our registration form here.

Tuition is a monthly, flat rate and is based on enrollment, not attendance. Tuition remains the same regardless of the number of weeks in a month.

Our payment options include auto pay or in person payments. We accept cash and credit cards only. No checks are accepted.

For auto pay customers, tuition will be automatically charged on the first of the month from October - May. September tuition will be processed with registration.

In person payments are due on or before the 1st of the month from October - May. September tuition will be paid with registration.

Recital costume package information:

  • Recital package includes costumes, accessories, dance tights, a souvenir recital t-shirt, and a professional DVD of the performance.
  • Recital package price varies based on age and class type. Please consult our retail center for installment amounts. The final date to cancel a costume order and receive a refund is December 1st
  • Once a costume has been ordered, there is no refund or cancellation.

Please note there is a $10.00 charge for late tuition payments. Refunds or make up lessons are not given for missed classes or severe weather cancellations.

The dance season begins in September and ends in May. If for some reason you must discontinue classes, you must inform us in writing on or before the 25th of the last month of your enrollment. Notification after this date will result in a tuition charge for the following month.

Dress Code

Tap/Jazz/Lyrical/Modern: Tights, leotard, jazz pants or jazz shorts. Tap and jazz and/or lyrical shoes are required.

Ballet: Tights, skirt, leotard, and ballet shoes. Socks may not be worn with ballet shoes. No shorts allowed. All hair must be worn up.

Hip-Hop: Long pants and hip-hop shoes.

All dancers with shoulder length or longer hair should wear it up off their shoulders (pony tails, buns, braids, etc.). Street clothes are not acceptable dancewear. Students may be asked not to participate if street clothes are worn.

Shoe Requirements

Not all students wear the same dance footwear. You will find your student's shoe requirements at our studio's retail center.


In the event of inclement and potentially unsafe weather, or in the event of an unexpected emergency, we will cancel classes for the safety of our families.

Closing information is available at: WCCO-TV ( and on our website, here.

There are not make-up classes in the event of a closing.


Regular attendance is essential to the learning process. Our teachers reserve the right to ask a student not to participate in the annual recital if his or her attendance has prevented the student from participating productively in a routine. The teachers will consult the parent should this situation arise.